Thursday, 20 September 2012

h0w t0 sc0re well in MUET

1. Listening Test.  

You should score in this part. I score 36/45 so I consider that was ok. Haha. The question aren't that hard and most of the question are information-transfer. The possible genres are lecture, briefing, talk, discussion, interview, telephone conversation, announcement, instructions, advertisement, news, meeting, and others. Make sure you read the question well because we might get confuse. Some of the question stated that you need to write the answers less than 3 or 5 words and you shouldn't overwrite. You should know some synonyms (kata sama makna) to make it easier for you to change such along word into a short one to reduce the words used or paraphrasing. Our luck actually is based on how the speaker sound, like seriously. Kalau speaker tu gatal nak guna british-english and talk super-fast and we cannot understand a word, we're dead meat. Be focused and don't let anything cross out your mind for 30 minutes. 

2. Reading Test.

You'll be given 6 short (sometimes they're long and confusing though) texts that includes articles from journals, newspapers and magazines, academic texts and electronic texts. You'll be given approximately 90 minutes to answers 50 questions. If you can understand the text well, you can get all the answers correct. Don't spend too much time to read the text as you'll be wasting your time. Just skip any text that you feel a bit hard to understand and read another text.

3. Writing Test. 
This is my less-favourite part. You'll be given two task : Task 1 - interpretation of information based on specific stimuli provided (no less than 150 words) and task 2 - extended writing based on a given topic (no less than 350 words). For task 1, you should master on how to write a good report. Lucky for us, the pre-university students because we have teachers to teach us how to write a good one :p You have to know how to synthesis and analyse the data and combine all of it to become a good report in the end. In task 2, which is my less less favourite part, you should read a lot to make sure you know what's happening around you. As for me, I read Time (boring one), Readers Digest (for light reading), few articles online and everyday papers. You really have to read a lot. Not just for MUET, but for life. Haha Another tips, yes, you have to use a beautiful, gramatis words in your essay to obtain band 6 but if you're just average and wanna play safe just use a simple and avoid of using a direct translation word (I can't think any of the example now .__.).
* There are few types of writing actually. For example, a conversational writing. When you write, you sound like you are talking to someone and doesn't look like an academic writing as it should be. I write my essay that way and it's shouldn't be that way (maybe I love to talk and all that forum thingy have affected me .__.). You should avoid to make your essay look like a conversational writing (you can change the sentence that sound conversational into passive form). 

So, there we go. Don't worry on speaking test. What is done is done said by Shakespear :p 
To those who think MUET is not so important and doesn't give so much impact on them, think back. 
If you score Band 2 and Band 3, you'll have to attend 2 extra english courses while Band 4 achievers will attend only 1 extra english courses. And good news for Band 5 and Band 6 achievers, you don't have to attend any extra english courses when you continue your degree! And for STPM students like me, if you score Band 4 and above, you have more opportunities to continue your degree especially on english courses such as TESL than the others! Cool right? So, hit the books and enjoy your reading fellas ;) 

MUET is easy ;)